Moving, Not Moving, Moving, Not Moving…

Initially, Bees That Buzz was going to document myself and my family moving to Spain. When I say moving, I mean I had planned to write my first post en-route. Admittedly, I had this rather romantic daydream of cruising through clear skies at 30,000ft, Arlo, my two-year-old asleep, gin & tonic on the tray table with my laptop, writing about the excitement of finally moving! It all seems a little silly and very distant now as our buyers pulled out yesterday!

To add insult to injury these were not our first buyers! So 6 months after putting our house on the market, we are left reeling from two failed buyers, a mounting solicitors bill and to top it off a house full of boxes! (Yes, I had started packing; we thought we were about to exchange!)

As the Spanish say así es la vida, thats life. So after a lot of deliberation, I have decided to begin posting, after all these last days, months or god forbid years in England are all part of the journey, however cold and miserable they may be.

In that vein, at 6 o’clock this morning I pulled out a notebook and began listing all the things that need doing to once again market the house. I have begun re-painting, as the house has been toddler-fied over the past year (sticky handprints, spilled sauce, that kind of thing.) The boxes are being moved to the out-house and the garden weeded. Books placed back on cases and carpets cleaned. Now I’m a home maker by nature, I love nothing more that decorating, cleaning and re-arranging but today it’s difficult and progress is slow. I had naively conceived my next big project would be in our dream Spanish farm. You should see my pintrest board, I even have colour schemes picked out! Anyway I’m digressing again, must stay positive! As a good friend insisted last night, everything happens for a reason, and who knows? Maybe third time lucky is a charm.

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