Goodbye To A Great British Summer

As I begrudgingly hang up my sandals and pack away summer dresses, I unwillingly admit defeat and welcome the autumn. My reluctance to welcome autumn is not the fault of the season itself, in fact I’d say it was my favourite season; it’s that I feel robbed of a summer. I don’t want to harp on about weather again but I have only counted one hot day here this year! – Ok there have been other ‘nice’ days, but they have been spent in a constant game of musical chairs, seeking that last little bit of sun between each bank of cloud. The real kick however comes from the memory that we had planned to spend the summer in Almuñécar on the south coast of Spain where one can rely on blue skies and sunshine day in day out.

Still, despite the weather, when I think back on the last few months, they have been pretty good. By far my favourite part of this summer has been our evening walks. From the lambing in spring to the end of summer baling, we have seen the British countryside at its best. Dragonflies, stoats, grasshoppers, kestrels, buzzards, muntjac, rabbits, pheasants, cows calving, horses, so many butterflies and most of these were at the end of our garden! It’s all beautiful stuff, but seeing it through the eyes of our two year old gives a whole other perspective. The wonder in his eyes at spotting a muntjac sauntering across the field, or a buzzard hovering above its prey, is truly magical.

So as the trees struggle under the weight of their fruits, and the nights draw in, I say goodbye to a great British summer, and wonder where and when we will next see the sun!

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