We Moved To Spain!

Lecrin Valley

On the 2nd of September, we moved to Spain! Yes, we finally did it!
Since arriving after dark on Wednesday, we have been lying low, recovering from the physical and mental stresses of moving and trying to appreciate the enormity of what we have just done!

Fortunately we have landed on our feet here in the Lecrin Valley, or the Valle de Lecrín, a paradise of fruit trees nestled between Granada and the coast. Having only passed through a handful of times previously, it has turned out a hidden gem! We are based at the lower end of the valley in Pinos Del Valle. One of several traditional white-washed villages that occupy the valley, each more beautiful than the last. Narrow streets maze up and down the hillside and we have already spent hours exploring and getting happily lost among the beautiful white houses and colourful doors. Time could quite easily stands still here, if you let it! The peace and beauty of this village has almost made me rethink the rural farmhouse dream, but only almost.

We gave ourselves until Monday to sit by the pool, beer in hand, before tackling the technicalities: banks, phones, car, work, oh and a house! Well that was the plan anyway. We awoke on Monday morning to torrential rain, so torrential in fact that our bedroom now resembles a swimming pool and the swimming pool resembles a muddy lake! Apparently, they haven’t seen rain like this in the village in 15 years, what a welcome. Still no lasting harm done, we have new accommodation and our wardrobe is beginning to dry out. Maybe tomorrow we will make progress on our new life!


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