Two Week Update

I cannot believe we’ve been here two weeks already! We are a little more tanned and a little more relaxed but the To Do list isn’t getting any smaller. The old stereotype of the Spanish moving slowly is I’m glad to report still very much alive! Mañana is a common adverb here meaning tomorrow or more likely sometime in the future or quite possibly never! A word I hear more and more each day. We have however managed to open a bank account, I think. It will take another two weeks for our debit cards to arrive!

It has taken a little while to settle into a routine and understandably, that has taken its toll on our boy. I may have underestimated the impact the move would have on him. He only has a small bag of toys, the stairs and pool mean he is being nagged at constantly, and of course, his sleep routine has gone up in smoke. For those reasons, we have endured our fair share of meltdowns since moving but thankfully, we’re beginning to settle and find our groove. His best days are those spent at the beach, with unlimited space to run and play he is one happy chappy.

High on the To Do list this week is buying a car. The man of the house and I seem to have somewhat differing opinions on the kind of car we want. He is emailing random guys with banged out old motors. Motors without aircon, motors where a safety feature is a handbrake, motors that look like a dog has eaten the inside, and then regurgitated it! He doesn’t seem to understand they are cheap for good reason! Now it’s not like I’m after a brand new Bentley Continental, I just think a little more spent now, will save in the future. The odd seat belt would be a bonus too!

Thankfully, however it seems when it comes to property we agree, in fact we think we have found ‘the one’! We spent two days North of Granada, deep into olive country, viewing properties and now know for sure it is where we want to be. It is so beautiful up there with rolling hills covered with olive groves that stretch as far as the eye can see.
The first property we saw has been on my radar for well over a year now and it did not disappoint! An old farmhouse in the middle of an olive grove, it’s the dream. Still, it’s not sensible to rush these things so we have a few more viewings next week, and a return to ‘the one’ lined up, so watch this space!

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