Pinos Del Valle Stole My Heart – The Lecrin Valley

September in Pinos Del valle & the Lecrin Valley

We say goodbye to Pinos Del Valle today because,drum roll please! We bought a house! It ‘s still early days so I’m not going to tempt fate by gushing about it, but it is ‘the dream’. Apparently, we are working to a time scale of 3-4 weeks, yes weeks! I take back everything I said about the Spanish moving slowly. This system beats the English hands down.

Needless to say the last few days have been a whirlwind of activity and my head is spinning. Sleep is limited to a couple of hours a night and endless hours are dedicated to scrolling, searching and organising. Ranging from the silly to the absurd, which way to put the sofa to what colour towels to use in the guest bathroom (which isn’t even built yet!)

So with a few weeks freedom before moving day we have decided to spend a couple of weeks at the beach to soak up the last of the years warmth and take a breath. It is then with a heavy heart, we say goodbye to Pinos Del Valle today. This little village really has stolen my heart.

With aroound 700 inhabitants nestled on a hillside and guarded by the chapel of Saint Cristo Del Zapato, Pinos is a beautiful, peaceful and kind village. I love so many things about daily life here. The bread man that blasts his horn around the narrow streets just before lunch, the flora of citrus and jasmine that linger in the evening air. How every time you turn a corner, you’re offered a glimpse of the surrounding mountains. The local bar with his frozen beer glasses and tapa. Then of course, there’s our evening walks, strolling around the narrow streets and through the groves chatting with the locals who have nick-named our little lad ‘Rubio’ (Blondie).

I really will miss this place!


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