Beach Days

With a few weeks to kill until we can complete on our new house we have decided to distract ourselves from the torture of waiting with a mini holiday at the beach.

Salobreña is a real change of pace to our life in Pinos! From previous visits, I hadn’t quite appreciated what a bustling town it is. Neatly divided into thirds, the old town sits beneath the 10th-century Moorish castle. White washed houses and narrow cobbled streets trickle down the hillside to the new town. The new town’s streets bustle with bars and shops before finally arriving at the beach, with its long boulevard and pebbly sand, lined with apartments and chiringuitos (beach bars).

Our arrival happened to coincide with the annual fiesta to celebrate Salobreña’s patron, Saint Rosario. We’ve been treated to parades, street parties, processions and plenty of good food and drink over the last week! At all hours of the day and night there seems to be something going on. Last Sunday saw us on the sea front where the locals displayed their amazing party stamina. From 11am until sometime long after dark they partied away, music blasting, beer flowing and sun shining. More than 20 incredibly decorated floats arrived in procession, headed by the Virgen del Rosario pulled by two huge oxen, a marching band and the horsemen. Quite a parade!  The celebrations then come to an end on Wednesday night when Rossario is carried around the narrow streets of the old town accompanied by a full marching band (marchas procesionales). The church bells ring and fireworks crack. I am naive to the religious implications of these events but it’s impossible not to be moved by them. At this point, you’ll be wondering where all the pictures are to support my ranting: I left my memory card in the laptop! Doesn’t that happen at the worst times?! On the bright side, with a patron saint for each village, town and province, it won’t be long before the next one!

Another perk of staying at the beach is, well, going to the beach! It may be October and even here in Andalusia, there are signs of autumn but most days the sun shines high and we hit a barmy 25°C . Perfect beach weather. I am one of those people for whom the sea is calming. The rhythmic sound of crashing waves, vast open space, the fresh air and the salty taste it leaves on your lips just makes me happy. Our boy is equally content, each and every morning the first word out of his mouth is ‘beach’.

But despite the pleasure the days on the beach have brought, the last two weeks haven’t always been easy. We are all ready for a change of scenery and some new distractions as we become more and more impatient to move into our new home and reunite with our belongings. It turns out as a family we are not very good at the travelling, nomadic thing. We like routine, familiarity, and the comfort that comes with these. Oh and my bed, how I miss my bed!

That said, we are off to our beloved Granada for a few nights and I am quite looking forward to revisiting our old haunts and favourite bars. Oh and staying in a hotel, housekeeping, woohoo!

Hasta pronto Salobreña, till next summer!

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