Progress On Moving To Spain


Two weeks in and things are coming together. It’s beginning to feel like our home, but moving to Spain hasn’t been all easy. The initial excitement was overshadowed by extreme exhaustion and morale was low. It took a week to get control of the mice in the kitchen, but with three cans of expanding foam, we have sealed off their entry points! With some further scrubbing, the extraction of a wall, and a crash course in cooking with gas, the kitchen is finally producing more than instant noodles!

The first BIG project on the endless list of reforms is the kitchen, preferably before Christmas! I’m still in the planning phase, and my head is full of ideas, quandaries and how to’s, but hopefully by next weekend I’ll be elbow deep in building, plastering, painting, plumbing and whatever else it decides to throw at me! In the meantime we have managed to install some other essential amenities that are helping us feel more at home.

A washing machine, albeit one that drains into a bin!

Internet; it has been 4 weeks since we have had an internet connection, 4 long weeks! It is however limited to 10GB a month! (Two days in and we have used 3!)

Hot water for a bath; the downstairs bathroom was in good condition and only needed a lick of paint but the gas boiler had broken. This of course was a learning curve, but we did it and I can’t wait for a hot bubble bath!

A TV; with the dark evenings and a 2 year old to entertain I insisted on a TV, and as sad as it may sound, we have been enjoying snuggling in front of the log burner watching Christmas films! Although don’t let me mislead you with the ‘TV’. Being in a valley, we are yet to find a signal for real TV, think that might be a job for a professional!

All of this of course has taken up all of our time, and in two weeks, I am yet to take a walk around our new olive grove, up the hill into the woods or even sit in the warm sun and admire our new land. Oh the joys of moving to Spain!

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