Our First Christmas In Spain

I don’t know whether it’s the warm weather or the shear amount of items on my to do list but I haven’t really felt like we are less than a week away from our first Christmas in Spain. Usually at this point my to do lists are centred around the big day. Lists and lists containing 10 varieties of sausage, ingredients for 5 desserts, brussel sprouts and gallons of cream and milk among a million other things. All the presents would be wrapped under the tree and Bing playing on loop throughout the house.

Maybe it’s because I have failed in finding a real Christmas tree this year. I have been procrastinating about buying a fake one.  Yes they win on a pro’s and con’s list but they just don’t look the same and they certainly don’t smell the same! Having said that I have done a little research for next year and , well maybe, just maybe I could be swayed on the strength of this post!!

Anyhow, this morning, armed with a chainsaw we set out into the olive grove to find a suitable branch as an ‘alternative’ tree. The olive branches didn’t quite fit the bill, but we did find a young holm oak tree. While it isn’t my usual beautiful Norwegian Spruce, it still adds a little magic and sparkle! Throw in a few poinsettias, a bowl of sweet clementines and a morning spent baking ginger bread men and the Christmas spirit is beginning to creep in.

The lack of preparation is, however, somewhat planned. In order to actually live a slower, simpler life in Spain one has to actually live a slower and simpler life! This means only two varieties of sausages. One variety of stuffing and two or three vegetables! Imagine cooking a Christmas dinner without the stress of 20 different vegetables to cook, a turkey to baste every 20 minutes, and all those deserts to serve! Well this is my plan. I’m not denying us anything, there will be sausages, bacon, turkey, gravy, stuffing, carrots, parsnips and sprouts for those that wish, but no stress! That’s the theory anyway! Wish me luck!

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