Winter In Spain

I don’t like winter. Not even winter in Spain! Take me to some magical Alpine lodge with snow, open fires and fir trees and I wouldn’t complain, but winter in the real world (even in the south of Spain) is grey, wet, windy and cold; and boy it gets me down! I have become obsessed with the weather forecast, looking at least 5 times a day, at different sites, desperately seeking some better forecast! It seems ridiculous as it’s only been 1 week of bad weather (plus another to come) comparing that to England, I know I need to pull myself together!

Being in the clutches of winter has put a restriction on, well, almost everything! We are in full hibernation! The house renovation is at a standstill as is the olive tree pruning. Clothes washing has hit an all time low and output from the kitchen doesn’t involve much more than jacket potatoes and copious cups of tea. (You can take the girl out of England but you can’t take England out of the girl!)

It has occurred to me whilst huddled in bed on these dark days why there is a tradition in January to make New Year resolutions or embark on diets and health drives. It’s to add purpose and structure to these long, draining days. Despite being a compulsive list maker, resolutions have never been my thing. Maybe next year I should give it a go. Anything to help get over this January hump is worth a try!

To dampen spirits even further we have discovered we are once again not alone in our new house. The guests this time taking the form of House Long Horn Beetles and/or Death Watch Beetles. These little bugers drill into your beams and lay waste to them, turning them to sawdust from the inside out. So large and ferocious are they, you can actually here them working away: clicking, scraping and chewing! We also, somewhat predictably found that the house isn’t 100% water tight. Nothing major, and nothing unexpected. Just another project on the to do list. Spanish houses just aren’t built for winter!

So I have concluded there is nothing for it but to continue in hibernation, snug beneath the duvet watching the clouds roll by, dreaming of warmer days and all the activity they will bring!

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