Wild Flowers

Well Spring has officially sprung here in Andalucia! The combination of sunshine and our fair share of April showers have ensured that the valley and surrounds are looking stunning! Wandering around admiring the greenery and abundance of wild flowers I realised my wild flower knowledge is poor, if not non-existent! So I set about rectifying this and it wasn’t as easy as I thought! For all of Google’s wonders, identifying wild flowers is time consuming and it feels at time somewhat impossible! The silly things I’ve typed over the last week! In the end it was my trusty Collins guide to the English countryside that proved most useful. Here are some of the beauties I managed to identify (correctly, I hope!)

This post has been weeks in the making, every time I’m close to pressing publish I find a new flower blooming and I’ve found it hard to make the cut off! I found these this afternoon and am yet to identify, any ideas?

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