Meet Our New Dog Randy!

Meet our New Dog!

So the other night, the eve of my birthday no less, a strange figure appeared in the gateway of the terrace. In the dusk it was hard to make out. My first thought was the pesky fox who is after our chickens, but in the split second before I sprang to my feet yelling I realized it wasn’t a fox but the dog I had seen running around for the past couple of days.  I had clocked him as a farmer’s dog. Too clean and healthy for a stray but then here he was, in the dark sitting at my feet and just like that I went from a relatively sane human being to a dog owner!

He is not lost, he hasn’t wondered from me or my husband’s side since we met that evening. He is a puppy and wants loving. I’d guess he is between 6-10 months old. He is playful, untrained and bouncy. I can only assume that these were his crimes against the previous ‘owner’ who dumped him when those oh so cute puppy traits became too much. I don’t often have anything bad to say about my adoptive homeland, but they have a different and sometimes ugly way of treating dogs.

Randy settled in quickly. He is house trained up to a point, we have only had a couple of accidents! He wants to play and snuggle in equal amounts and loves to chase flying birds! Taking him on walks down the valley is wonderful, I hadn’t realized how much a missed a dogs company!

So, here I am, crazy dog lady!  Writing, googling,  photographing and instagraming all about dogs! Instead of sewing pencil cases to replenish stock I’m sewing dog collars. Instead of writing interesting blog posts about pattern design or our life in Spain I’m writing about dogs! I should be cooking dinner for my as my parents are here but I’m scouring pintrest for homemade dog treats. I’ve gone crazy!

Pupppy Training

As far as the training goes, school starts on Monday. For the first time in 4 and a half years I will find myself free from human mummy duty for 5 hours a day! (We won’t dwell on this as I’m feeling a little delicate **read a total wreck** about it all!) So Training this exuberant puppy should be a great, time consuming distraction! I have no idea where to start, ‘sit’ I guess is a good idea. I have a couple of dog related blogs bookmarked so it should be a breeze right!?

If anyone can pin him down to a specific breed I’d love to know, Springer Spaniel is as close as I’ve got but his ears aren’t so fluffy!

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