Happy New Year


So here it is, 2018! Happy New Year! I’m pretty sure that in 30 something years I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution. What was the point if I had no intention of sticking to them! This year however I’m going to give it a go. I hate January. It’s cold, dark, empty and long. So I figured a little structure and a few reasonable goals could help me survive the month and maybe actually get some things ticked off the bottomless to-do list.


Number 1: Stop being lazy in the kitchen

Not sure how it happened but I have become seriously lazy in the kitchen. Quick cook spaghetti, tinned tomatoes, gravy granuals and frozen veg are all out! Back to basics! Also must clear out the pantry of all things sugary and salty! (Not that there’s much left after Christmas!)


Number 2: Get on with some unfinished renovations

Nothing major, just fix some cracks and leaks and a coat of paint on the windows


Number 3:  S/S Pattern collection

So my A/W collection never happened, too much pressure perhaps! But I am determined to have a new collection of patterns and – this may be pushing it – greetings cards, all ready and in my shop by Spring!


Number4: Train the dog

Since arriving in September the dog has received little to no basic training. When he arrived he was surprisingly well behaved, perhaps it was just gratitude! Now however you can’t even get him to respond when called!! Couple this with an idiotic hobby of playing on the road and something needs to be done!


Number 5: Learn more Spanish

I’ve become comfy/lazy with my level of Spanish. I can get by day to day and so don’t push myself to get better! Now that my boy is at school and learning so quickly my time is running out! I don’t want him to be embarrassed by his English mum!


When I read it back it looks like just another to do list, but hey, it’s out there now so maybe, just maybe I’ll achieve at least one resolution!

Happy new year!



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